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Tyrone McCullagh

** TYRONE MC CULLAGH** Our very own European champion getting ready for “battle” in MTK Scotland before his next appearance in a ring

Connor Coyle

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** FIGHT WEEK** The hard work/training has been done now under the expert supervision of his coach Jim Mc Loughlin. Bring on the

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Tyrone McCullagh

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  • Colin Nathan came close to death in Russia August 2, 2021
    One moment Colin Nathan was preparing his boxer for a contest, the next he was lying in a Russian hospital with very real fears for his life. Tris Dixon reports
    Tris Dixon
  • Jimmy Wilde’s London debut revisited August 2, 2021
    Looking back on the legendary Jimmy Wilde’s first fight in the English capital, four years before he won the world flyweight crown
    Alex Daley
  • Leigh Wood tames the ‘Monster’ Xu Can August 1, 2021
    Xu Can arrived with an imposing reputation, but Leigh Wood left no doubts as he finished him inside the 12th round at Matchroom's Fight Camp
    John Dennen


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